Welcome to RDS Rally! By now you may be wondering why RDS is remaking itself as RDS Logistics Group. For thirty-nine years we have been Rail Delivery Services and have been primarily known as a domestic intermodal motor carrier. However, as we have grown, we have quietly expanded from intermodal drayage into many other related logistics services to more fully serve our customer needs.

As we were adding new services, we were also building our successor management team and dramatically evolving our technology. This technology development allowed us to move to a new generation of platform and language but more importantly facilitated our use of technology in new and inventive ways. These efforts have greatly expanded our ability to better enable our people and to meet customer’s needs. It is very exciting to see our capacity and productivity evolve so dramatically.

As these projects came to fruition, we realized that we needed to better explain the services we provide and the company we have become. People have always known us as RDS but their view of what services we provide is dominated by our original award-winning intermodal service. With rebranding, we unveil how truly far we have come while maintaining the core values and competencies for which we have always been known.

In our new incarnation as RDS Logistics Group, we continue the same promise we have followed as Rail Delivery Services for nearly four decades. We call it the RDS Rally. We rally around each other, and we rally around our business partners. With on-demand, custom solutions, we’re always in it with you, we always have your back and we always move your business forward. New name – same great partner!

Stay safe, be well. We look forward to rallying together!

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