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Are you can-do, spirited and straightforward? Are you a creative problem solver with a passion for helping others? If that sounds like you, come rally with us at RDS Logistics Group!

We’re in the business of building lasting relationships and helping our workers realize their full potential. With our corporate career opportunities in IT, sales, accounting, and trucking administration, we are dedicated to helping you move forward in your career.

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Why Join The RDS Team?

RDS Logistics Group is a close knit group of industry professionals who have been moving businesses forward for over 39 years. We come together to solve every problem enthusiastically, and like a family, we always have each other’s backs and the backs of our customers. We got it. We got each other. We call it the “RDS Rally.”

It’s helping move things forward from the moment we get up every day. It’s that can-do that won’t be denied. We call out the impossible for the imposter that it is. It’s truth and transparency, candor and honesty that ensure we deliver 100% of the time. It’s going the extra mile with an extra smile and spunk – and then going even further.

It’s bending over backward to have our partner’s backs. Staying flexible and nimble, adapting and adopting innovative ways of working and building new technologies. It’s paving the way, and getting fired up to forge a path and blaze new trails. It’s that RDS care, RDS reliably, and that RDS spirit we call the RDS rally.

What RDS Has To Offer

At RDS, we go the extra mile for everyone we care about: our customers, our partners, our communities, and our team. Members of the RDS team receive a number of benefits and perks.

Owner-Operators at RDS Logistics Group

Let’s Rally, Together!

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