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We Go Further

The RDS Difference

At RDS, straightforward is the way – to solve problems, to rally around each other and to move your business forward. If there isn’t a path for us to take to provide you exceptional service, we make one. Because that’s who we are – your can-do partner with a pioneering spirit who bends over backward to have your back.

Through our decades of industry leadership and the proprietary technology we continue to optimize, you can count on RDS Logistics Group to always be there for you when it counts because while others go the extra mile – we go even further.

Rally With Us!

Why Rally With Us?

On-Demand Dispatch & Visibility
On-Time Deliveries
+ Loads Per Year
Years of Industry Leadership
Acre Facility in Southern CA
Years in Operation

The RDS Way

RDS Logistics Group knows that it takes a team to move businesses forward. When you work with RDS, we become a part of your team. We know that success requires us to rally together with our partners, our customers and communities to deliver the truth, transparency and reliability you need from your logistics partner.

We take pride in using courage and strategic vision to help businesses like yours reach their goals. We’ll always find a path forward, because if there isn’t one, we’ll make one. That’s what people with a pioneering spirit do.

Let’s Rally, Together!

RDS Technology

From the very beginning, RDS has been more than just a logistics company. We built our own proprietary dispatch software in the 1980s that we’ve evolved into a fully-fledged technological suite that empowers us to go above and beyond our customers’ needs.

Where We Rally

From our headquarters in Fontana, CA and our Cross-Dock facility within 2.5 miles of the I-10 and I-15 intersection at Inland Empire, CA – we operate from the heart of Southern California’s logistics industry.

Paving the Way Through Technology



Rail Delivery Dispatch System

Our original dispatch software is fully compatible with all current technology that utilizes artificial intelligence and truck based geo-positioning to calculate shipment status and the potential for service interruptions. It grants us unparalleled visibility into all aspects of our delivery operations and integrates seamlessly across platforms.



Instant Access to Shipping Documents

Our proprietary in-cab communications and imaging platform empowers our drivers to immediately upload required BOLs, PODs and other documents for our customers’ instant access.



Real-Time Status Event Updates

The RDS technology suite incorporates desktop, mobile, cloud, and advanced in-cab telematics to improve transparency, accuracy, and efficiencies to give customers the visibility they need into their shipment delivery status.

Industry Leadership & Recognition

Through the years, our partners have sat in top positions in the California and American Trucking Associations, the Los Angeles Traffic Club, the Intermodal Association of North America, and the Transportation Intermediary Association.

In 2005, our owners Greg and Judi Stefflre were proud to receive the Silver Kingpin Award from the Intermodal Association of North America for their contributions to innovative technology, intermodal drayage and legal advocacy for operational issues in the industry.

Greg was also the industry author of the intermodal equipment interchange governing document, the Uniform Intermodal Interchange Agreement, and served on its Executive Committee from 1990 until 2010.

Most recently in 2016, RDS Logistics group was recognized as the Western Regional Intermodal Carrier of the year by Hub Group Inc.

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