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Flatbed and Small Haul

RDS Logistics Group offers businesses small haul or flatbed trucking services to efficiently move LTL shipments to and from customer facilities. Our shipments are moved with the least amount of handling and the care required to appropriately secure specialized or flatbed freight.

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Small Haul Trucking Services

RDS Logistics Group is a four-decade family-owned trucking specialist that began with our intermodal drayage services. The experience gained within the counties of Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside, has enabled us to know the Los Angeles basin very well.

Our team is equipped to move your LTL freight using various types of equipment to meet your unique needs. Connect with us to understand how our business can be flexible to accommodate your transportation needs.



Small Haul Shipments

RDS Logistics Group’s small haul shipments eliminate the need and cost for a separate facility to receive and deliver small shipments. We move shipments between manufacturers or distributors to their end users directly. Freight is loaded at the manufacturer or distributor, driven directly to the end user, and unloaded. Such shipments can normally be shipped and delivered on the same day, eliminating intermediate stops and handling prior to delivery.



The LTL Light Advantage

RDS has the flexibility of matching the right type and size of equipment to the nature of the product our customers need delivered. Unloading can be accomplished in a variety of ways based on the choice of equipment, from ramp to lift gate to attached fork-lift equipment. We can handle shipments from four feet to twenty-six feet, and due to the open-top nature of the equipment, we can handle shipments that do not fit within enclosed vehicles.

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