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Intermodal Drayage & Advanced Logistics Technology

RDS Logistics Group is a trailblazer in rail drayage and advanced logistics management software delivering award-winning domestic drayage across Southern California. We operate 24/7 servicing all major railroads including Union Pacific Railway and BNSF.

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Domestic Intermodal Drayage

At RDS Logistics Group, intermodal drayage is our bread and butter. We’ve offered the service from the very beginning when our fleet had six drivers and we had just launched our proprietary Management Information System (MIS).

Today we have over 100 motor carriers supplemented by employee drivers helping to move our business forward. We are AB5 compliant and operate 24/7 and on-demand, servicing our customers at all major railroads and other surrounding states with award-winning domestic drayage.

Innovative Logistics Management Software

We’ve always understood customers’ needs for real-time information on shipments. It’s what inspired us to develop our original dispatch software in the 1980s that we’ve evolved into a next-generation dispatch platform to meet and exceed the needs of our customers for instant data updates and paperwork, and to fully maximize the productivity of our drivers.

RDS remains dedicated to working exhaustively in the intermodal industry to improve processes, encourage best practices and generally increase the maturity and professionalism of intermodal trucking.



Reduced Transportation Costs

When you rally with RDS, you help reduce the transportation costs on your goods compared to over-the-road trucking. Our domestic drayage enables you to consolidate and transport double-stacked units via train service and helps reduce fuel costs so you can move your business forward anywhere across the country.



Servicing Union Pacific Railway & BNSF

RDS Logistics Group sits at the intersection of Interstate 15 and Interstate 10 in Southern California’s Inland Empire, the western hub for all things logistics. We service customer facilities and all major railroads, including Union Pacific and BNSF to maximize our expansive network of supply chains.



Proprietary Management & Dispatch Software

No matter the time of day or where you are, customers have full visibility into shipment delivery status, required documents and critical updates thanks to RDS Logistics Group’s proprietary management and dispatch software. Our drivers are fully equipped to send, receive and produce documents via tablet technology.


Thought Leaders

Paving the Way for the Industry

RDS Logistics Group’s legal and operational leadership in the logistics industry has been recognized for decades. Our owner served on the Uniform Intermodal Interchange Agreement Executive Committee for 20 years, and we’ve received the Silver Kingpin Award from the Intermodal Association of North America for our innovative contributions in technology and intermodal drayage. Our partners have held top positions in the Los Angeles Traffic Club, the California and American Trucking Associations, and the Intermodal Association of North America.

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