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Yard Management

RDS Logistics Group helps businesses improve their flow of goods in and out of their distribution centers with our yard management services. We use our deep rooted experience from managing our own facility to assist in providing on-site expertise at customer facilities.

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Yard Management Services

With over 39 years of logistics management experience under our belt, RDS understands just how complex a business’ yard operations can get. That’s why we provide businesses with expertise they can rely on.

Through our yard hostler expertise, best-in-class logistics management technology, and on-site management personnel, there’s no yard we can’t help operate faster and smoother for maximum efficiency.



24/7 Visibility

RDS Logistics Group’s proprietary suite of logistics management technology empowers you with 24/7 visibility into all incoming and outgoing shipments from our facility. We share our technology with businesses who need on-site assistance for their yard operations. RDS in-cab technology also allows our drivers to communicate with management personnel, and provide updates on where trailers are located without ever having to leave their truck.



More Efficient Flow of Goods

Your yard operations don’t need to have a long line of trucks and drivers eagerly waiting to pick up or drop off their loads. RDS Logistics Group cuts down lines and wait times by enabling drivers to drop their equipment so we can shuttle trailers to and from your shipping docks ourselves. We bring the trailers to your doors and get goods where they’re going so drivers are freed up to hit the road and pick up more shipments throughout the day.



On-Site Logistics Managers & Yard Hostlers

RDS Logistics Group has experience providing yard management services at large distribution centers with high volumes of trucks and trailers constantly moving in and out of the yard. We’ll work closely with your business to provide on-site assistance with logistics managers to oversee your yard operations and yard hostlers to keep the flow of shipments and goods moving as efficiently as possible.

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