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Dedicated Trucking

RDS Logistics Group’s dedicated trucking fleet of more than 100 motor carriers and employee drivers are devoted to moving businesses forward. We rally together to meet and exceed the transportation needs of your business to deliver freight on-time and on-demand as your logistics management partner.

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Dedicated Trucking Services

Businesses that rally with RDS Logistics Group for dedicated trucking services receive all of the benefits of having their own in-house fleet without the hassles. We provide the drivers and equipment needed to deliver freight to customer facilities in seven major western states, and all major railways in Southern California.

All RDS trucks come fully equipped with our proprietary logistics management and dispatch software that enables us with 24/7 transparency into shipment status, estimated delivery times, required documentation, and more. Our in-cab technology allows our drivers to give you on-demand status updates so you can have peace of mind with eyes on all aspects of your shipment operations.



Dependable Capacity

RDS is known for bending over backward to have our customer’s backs, helping them solve their most critical challenges. With our dependable capacity of equipment and drivers solely dedicated to helping move your business forward, you can always count on us to move what you need efficiently.



Personal Service

Our experienced drivers don’t just pick up or drop off freight; they work closely with your business to become knowledgeable about your operations and customers so we know how to be the best extension of your team.



Save on Transportation Costs

Outsourcing your transportation needs to our fleet of dedicated owner-operators is a faster and cheaper way to grow your business than creating your own fleet. You don’t have to worry about owning any equipment or paying for insurance and maintenance costs. Let RDS be your motor carrier, and we’ll handle all things transportation.



Specialized for Store Deliveries

Every morning, our fleet of drivers follow daily routes to customer distribution centers to pick up and sort freight for delivery. RDS moves your goods from your distribution centers directly to the appropriate stores, so inventory and store shelves can remain at capacity. Our drivers build lasting relationships at each stop it takes to go the extra mile for your business.

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