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Regional Truckload

RDS Logistics Group provides regional truckload services in the western regional distribution marketplace so businesses can move their cargo from point A to B and beyond. Our reliable capacity of one-way truckloads ensures we always have an open lane to keep your business moving forward.

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Regional Truckload Services

Whether you need to move some cargo last minute, you’re looking for cost-savings on transportation, or just need help facilitating your shipping operations, RDS Logistics Group’s regional fleet keep freight moving consistently on designated routes. We accept annual bids on routes between manufacturer facilities and distribution centers, and are available for on-demand requests thanks to our growing dependable capacity.

RDS operates from the core of the western region’s logistics industry with headquarters in Fontana, California. We sit within 2.5 miles of the I-10 and I-15 interstates with easy access to all major railways in the region, providing intermodal drayage, cross dock and other services in addition to our regional service. RDS has been paving the way in the logistics industry from Southern California since 1981, and share our expertise with customers through custom and innovative solutions.



Flexible One-Way Shipments

Regional truckload shipments at RDS service one-way routes from wherever businesses need to move their cargo. Multiple RDS customers may be a part of a single regional truckload chain to maximize our efficiencies and outreach to businesses. We’re able to make changes and updates to specific routes on a dime thanks to our industry-leading logistics management software.



Western Region Distribution Marketplace

RDS services the #1 market in North America related to logistics, so we provide businesses the drivers and equipment they need to thrive in an extremely competitive landscape. With our regional truckloads, there isn’t a facility we can’t reach in the region to deliver freight with on-time delivery and on-demand service.



Reliable Capacity

With 24/7 visibility into shipment status and event updates using our proprietary management and dispatch software, we always have eyes on our trucks and which routes are available for additional capacity. We work with vendors to establish the most optimal routes for their cargo, and make bids on routes to expand our capacity for even more service coverage.



Industry & Regional Expertise

RDS Logistics Group has been paving the way in logistics management from Southern California for nearly 40 years. Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable industry professionals know the ins and outs of the region so we can always be sure we are moving your business the only way there is – forward.

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