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Cross-Dock Transportation

RDS Logistics Group’s cross-dock service empowers businesses with a more efficient method to offload, consolidate, and transport their goods. The RDS cross-dock facility in the heart of the Inland Empire, CA, is perfectly situated to move freight from the I-10 and I-15 interstates that are vital to North American transportation.

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Cross-Dock Transportation Services

RDS understands the importance for businesses to move freight to multiple facilities with the least amount of loads as possible. That’s why we offer consolidation/deconsolidation, transload, and pickup/delivery services that let us go the extra mile for your business. We’re able to ensure you’re moving the maximum amount of freight to their destinations conveniently and efficiently.

The RDS Logistics Group fleet works directly with vendors to pick up freight, bring it to our Inland Empire facility, consolidate or redistribute shipments into a single load, and send it out to be delivered to their appropriate distribution centers across the U.S. We also offer the ability to transload international cargo into domestic transportation equipment moving throughout the country.

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Located at the Heart of the Industry

The 100,000 sq ft RDS Logistics Group cross-dock facility in the Inland Empire gives us convenient access to major interstates and railways with national reach. We know the region like the back of our hands because we’ve been blazing trails in the industry for over 39 years, so if there is a route and transportation method best for your business, RDS will help you navigate it.



Transload International Cargo

RDS works to get goods where they need to go, no matter where they’re coming from. Whether an international vendor needs to distribute their cargo to multiple facilities across the country, or domestic vendors are looking for the best way to load their shipments, we’ll bend over backward to have their backs as their can-do logistics partners.



Pool Distribution & Consolidation

Through pool distribution, RDS can pick up your cargo and then pool it with other cargo to create more efficient shipments. We visit vendor facilities to pick up cargo, pool shipments together, and consolidate them into a single load for outbound delivery from the RDS cross-dock facility. Cargo is able to be moved between destinations much faster and easier than sending each shipment as an individual load.



Cost-Effective Transportation

RDS offers a simpler form of product movement versus other logistic service providers. We aim to move our shipments at their maximum capacity for maximum efficiency. Your business saves on the cost of moving cargo simply because more is always moving at once. This is a more economical alternative to LTL shipping because goods move faster to their destinations with less handling at multiple stops in a supply chain.

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