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RDS Logistics Group plays a pivotal role in our customers’ supply chains, helping to move their businesses forward from the moment we get moving every day. Our innovative strategies, technology, custom solutions and proven track record allow us to do whatever it takes to deliver shipments on-time and on-demand.

Through our array of logistics management services, from award-winning intermodal drayage and cross-dock service to dedicated trucking and yard management, brokerage and regional truckloads, we always deliver.


Intermodal Drayage

Simply put, we are the oldest and the best intermodal rail interchanging motor carrier in California. Our extensive experience in and relationships with railroads in southern California along with intermodal managers with deep experience interacting with railroads and their shipping customers put us in a class of our own. For nearly forty years we have won best-of-class awards in this mode. Our proprietary management information system was specifically designed to facilitate intermodal moves.

We built our ten-acre facility in southern California’s Inland Empire simply because the majority of large distribution and fulfillment centers are in our backyard and the freeways between the Los Angeles rail ramps and the Inland Empire see more of our trucks than any other carrier. We have the highest lane density in this corridor with all of the productivity that promises.

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Dedicated Trucking

We have long sought to expand our services to existing customers by providing new services. We have handled Big Lots Stores Intermodal business for thirty-five years and expanded to provide their retail store deliveries within California, Arizona and Nevada.

Since we knew each other well the expansion was seamless and successful for both of us. We continue to seek similar opportunities with both existing and new customers.

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We operate over 100,000 square feet of high-velocity terminal facilities to handle international-to-domestic transloads; recurring vendor LTL assembly, consolidation and distribution to various destinations across North America. Freight assembled in the morning is reconfigured, reloaded and on its way by road or rail to its destination by early evening the same day.

These specialized terminal facilities make ideal platforms for the reduction of the use of traditional LTL providers through same day consolidation and shipment while eliminating handling and the opportunity for damage.

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Yard Management

Starting in the 1990’s we were tasked to assist Toyota Motor Sales with opening their North American Auto Parts Center by providing both domestic intermodal and yard spotter services. In the ensuing years we have consistently expanded this yard management function to meet Toyota’s exceptional growth. With well paid, highly trained and reliable drivers we have consistently met Toyota’s performance and safety expectations.

This year marks the renewal of our partnership and our joint commitment to the environment with the replacement of all diesel yard tractors with fully electric zero emissions units from Orange EV. We now provide the same services for Big Lots new Apple Valley west coast Distribution Center. At Big Lots we provide the logistics office personnel as well as yard spotters.

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Regional Truckload

Regional Truckload is an extension of our local truckload fleet and handles out of region freight for our Dedicated and Intermodal divisions. It also creates lane density and driver productivity by engaging in spot availability of non-controlled freight to triangulate or add reciprocal freight volumes.

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Small Haul Trucking

Small Haul is a specialized equipment element of our local truckload fleet that operates flatbeds and other specialized ‘open top’ equipment to haul small up to 26’ shipments that require flatbed type equipment.

This division specializes in same-day deliveries within 250 miles of our terminal. It operates in close concert with our flatbed brokerage division to provide customers lower costs, and more rapid response shipments of less-than-truckload shipments.

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