Rail Delivery just completed installation of its solar carport project at its terminal campus in Fontana, CA (see picture below). The project comprises of 3 separate carports that hold over 500 solar panels and two electric vehicle charging stations. The carports generate enough electricity to spin its electric meters backward even while running air conditioning and charging forklifts!

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Rail Delivery has been reducing its carbon footprint for many years as we have replaced virtually all forklifts with lithium ion battery-powered units. We have also replaced all yard goats with low-emission Tico spotters.

All Electric Yard Spotter Technology

In early 2019, RDS will deploy its first all-electric yard spotter with plans to eventually convert its entire yard fleet to clean electric energy.

Rail Delivery is proud to lead the way among truckers in reducing carbon emissions in Southern California and is happy to answer any questions on how we have done this. Please contact us at info@raildelivery.com for details.

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