Thank a Trucker!

We took the week of September 15th to appreciate all of the owner operators that choose to contract with Rail Delivery Services. We had gifts each day of the week to include boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, safety vests, and on Friday we finished the week with the highly-requested Wienerschnitzel Food Truck for an all-you can eat extravaganza! The week might be best summed up by the phrasing on a jersey we passed out to our owner operators, which was created by our founder and Chairman, Judi Stefflre. The shirts proclaimed:

If you are free, THANK A VETERAN. If your table has food, THANK A FARMER. If you are wearing, eating, living in, using or driving it: THANK A TRUCKER!

Rail Delivery would like to thank all of our contractors for being outstanding partners and taking such outstanding care of our customers. We couldn’t do it without them!

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