Respect the Driver

Dave Porter was featured in two panels in the months of April and May. In April at the Southern California E-Commerce and Logistics Summit, he focused his time discussing the need for “respect for the driver” from shippers and receivers as well as society at large. Drivers lose a great deal of productive time waiting in security lines and for unnecessarily long loading and unloading processes. This is directly impacting the driver shortage as this robs a driver of productive time and also discourages drivers from entering or remaining in the business. Shippers of choice will be those shippers and receivers that properly value the time of the driver. These shippers will find better access to capacity and preferable rates in comparison with shippers that waste drivers’ time.

Great People

In May, Dave spoke at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont at the APICS IE Spring Symposium. The topic was Agility, Flexibility, Innovation, & Speed to Market. Dave spoke on a wide range of topics to include the increasing regulatory burden faced by California businesses and best practices for business success. When asked to summarize the key to success in a rapidly changing environment, Dave was quick to say, “Great people.”

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